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Hire Dedicated SEO/SEM Professional Service-

CNET, TOP SEO Company India offer Dedicated SEM Professional(s). Our service allowing you to hire your own offshore Search Engine Optimizer, Pay Per Click Campaign Manager, Link Builder and Social Media Optimizer who works dedicatedly and exclusively on your projects.


Why should I Hire Dedicated SEM Professionals?

Dedicated SEM Services give you options to hire one or more person(s) who works dedicatedly and exclusively on your projects. This service is ideal for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Companies requiring experienced SEM Professionals who fully understand all aspects of Search Engine marketing namely Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Link Building & Social media marketing for working on their company’s projects OR Website Owners who are looking for long term business plans and need to work in a very competitive environment. Results in minimum time frame are possible. This team will be yours and they will use all tools and resources to work on your projects.

Multifold Offers Following Outsourcing Services-: 1. Are you looking to provide excellent SEO service to your clients without actually doing it yourself? 2. Have too many clients to manage effectively completely by yourself. 3. Cost effective (save almost 30% of regular prices). 4. 1 Full time SEO Consultant. 5. 1 Full time Web Designer or Developer (either one) 6. 1 Full time content Writer. 7. Team reports directly to you. 8. Works offshore. 9. Completely confidential services.

Along with that we also have one account manager to manage the team who will interact with you and help the team to work effectively and result oriented.


Single Resource cost start from $499

Cost :Multifold, the affordable seo company india costing for its dedicated resource plans is as follows-

For 3 Person Team: 2 SEO, 1 Developer, Including Account Manager. USD $99 (one time) as setup fees and USD $1999 per month.


All team members will be bound by the company’s non-disclosure agreement. As pronounced by the International copyright laws, they will also waive all rights to intellectual property created by them during the period for which they will work for you. We will never contact your client directly or indirectly even after closure of the contract. We can also communicate using you tools or ID’s only.

We work as :

Monday-Friday: 9.00 to 18.30 IST, Minimum of 8 hours daily, 5 days per week, * Except Indian national holidays.

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